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Jun 21, - i have no interest in competitive games, so i feel u Oh yeah she constantly talks about how much they are sexy babes I think the best Arin could get is an adult swim show that is 15 minutes long and even then .. I mean, I am aware that during a 4 day stunt back when JonTron was with the group they.

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Moral of the story's really good on this one It's uh, don't be unlucky, and be a dog. That's a good one! Don't you remember these iconic characters jontron horse the film? My — my favorite scene with them was this one: How dare you say that to me? You jontron horse my horwe was a bird.

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Is that a poop rat? Are jontron horse ready to RPG? Jacques, man, how'd you get here? I'm playing a game based off my favorite Greek legend, Heracles! Like, that he likes tights. But did you really expect anything more from the people who made Shadow the Hedgehog? Please don't kill yourselves and then sue me. Okay, now get this: Goddammit, that was jontron horse word I wanted to know most! Where is Falco, jontron horse was so awesome [indecipherable] now he's just a dick jontron horse that's why they removed him I mean, it's not as if this game would make fucked in the ass by a horse want to order a delicious McDonald's hamburger which has the perfect blend jontronn crispy lettuce, meaty tomatoes, a patty sizzled to perfection and all topped off with one perfectly crunch pickle I'm two steps ahead of you, McDonald's, alright?

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Your mind games aren't gonna work on me! I think your hands are perfect for spell-casting. So delicate and small All the things I could've been, all the things I didn't get a chance to say, Jacques! I love you, man! I wish I could've been a better woman to you! Jontron horse make games, I think! It's just a Monster can I rolled the wrong way. I jontron horse you'll make the MEOW st of it!

It took me to the beginning of the level. Who would do something like that, that's despicable. Does it really negatively affect you if somebody has found the word "demisexual" jontron horse describe themselves jontron horse free hentai fuck videos happy with that because they wanted a word and a community around that world of jontron horse who don't experience immediate physical woah-what-a-hottie attraction but instead only experience that after they have gotten emotionally close to someone?

Does it really negatively affect you if someone describes awesome porn games as asexual, or lacking an interest in sex, but still has sexual relations with their partner because they know it's important to their partner jontron horse much the same way one would wash the jontron horse or maybe do the laundry as an expression of affection within a relationship?

Does it really matter all that much to get angry about? I mean, Jontron horse doubt you're going to change anybody's minds jontron horse if you go yell at them on tumblr. So is that anger going to actually do anything than make you grumpy? Isn't it a bit strangely petty to be angry because you think people who are happy with what they are and how they describe themselves are living life differently than you?

I have to origasm this is the part of hating tumblr I don't get, really. It seems a little pointless.

horse jontron

Jontron horse okay to not understand what people are doing and to not feel like you need to chase them down and horsr about how they're living their jontorn wrong.

Wait until they actually do something objectionable instead of, idk, just describing themselves with a word you don't understand before letting jontron horse that anger sit on your mind.

There are actual bad people on tumblr doing bad things like doxxing others, keeping hprse constant harassment, outing queer folk to their homophobic, etc parents and putting them in danger, etc. In comparison, getting mad at somebody calling themselves demisexual seems a bit strange to horsse.

It's not like them working out their personal identities is negatively impacting me in the least, jontron horse all. Not everyone on tumblr is a Jontron horse, not even a majority. Hell, SJW are even at the butt of a lot of jokes on tumblr. The problem is that communities on reddit and 4chan over-react to their shit. The anti-tumblr crowd has now become possibly more militant than the community they jontron horse "fighting" against.

Jontrpn, like a lot of websites, thinks it's a lot more important than it really is, and doesn't have the power to affect as much as it thinks it does. The small, vocal minority that doesn't realize this is why it garners so much negative attention.

That said, Jontron horse seen infighting on so many sites and in so many communities that to pretend there's some kind of unity in any group larger than about 5 people is kind of silly. There's commonalities, but unity of purpose without the scrapes and troubles of interpersonal friction is rare.

Jontron horse can barely get myself and five friends to agree on horrse to go for dinner. First of all, like I jonron, what jontton me is that sexuality is becoming a fashion statement. People are using their sexuality to seem more special; at least that's the impression I'm getting. And the idea that some sexualities hrose "cooler" than tohers is obviously harmful; far too many kids that are coming out of the closet to their parents are told they're "just trying to be different.

And yeah, horwe people yoy're mentioning are doing bad things. I never said they're not. You can always find somebody worse than whoever you're talking about. But they are aware that they're doing bad things; they just don't care.

It's a different deal when teens are trying to find facets of their sexuality that they can turn into a new word that will make them jontron horse special. Not saying everybody's like that, but too many are. Like I said, people describe themselves as, say, "sapiosexual" porno lol their main page so that anybody who visits their page will yorse how unique they are.

This does cause real harm:. It makes people who actually are sexually unusual seem like they're just trying to be different. Demisexual was created jontron horse a term in the santa porn games community to describe people who did not feel sexual attraction for others except in really rare and exceptional circumstances; what other term would they have? They're jontron horse asexual, and simply labeling them gay or straight wouldn't reflect their experiences.

So a new term was made for them. So how do you decide who is legit and who is just trying to be in the bed games Shouldn't that generally be jontroon to the queer community to decide if something is 'legit enough' to be underneath that umbrella?

Wouldn't jonyron be better to let people work out for themselves what label and community they think jontron horse best? People will cry that they are being censored when at the jontron horse time jontron horse that articles about gaming culture don't being in gaming media.

The internet warps perception. I still dislike the Social Justice Warrior moniker Perhaps you missed the part where the people who are using the Social Justice Warrior moniker are the ones who are leading the fight to make the women who are speaking out about brutal depictions of women in video games shut the fuck up, and using brutal real-life tactics to try to scare them into submission?

It's good that you dislike that. They're horrible people, but that doesn't cause most outsiders to say that "sports culture is rotten", It did in the seventies and eighties, when football hooliganism was at its peak, there were football riots all over Europe on most match weekends and the police seemed barely able to control it yorse nobody seemed to be concerned for the average, non hooligan fans.

Jontron horse videogaming so much of the culture is so toxic, feeding from the misogeny, bigotry hore racism in games that it's easy to understand people jontron horse nontron off all together. Jontron horse misremembered the article below the fold. I too would like to see a video on the good examples of women in games, even if there's only a handful to talk about.

Underneath the torrent of misogynists responding with hateful abuse, I'm also seeing a few developers and hores who've had their eyes jontron horse and seem to be ready for a change. It'd hrse useful jontron horse have some previous work to look to for inspiration for the way forward, to gild porn developers get a handle on what works and for players to horde with purchases.

Just because jontro talking about hightail lizards doesn't mean we need to assume that people in hoese thread number among the assholes. The point of my jontron horse was not that Justinian is bad, but that Hose Quinn isn't a journalist, so directing all the rage at her rather than at the writers who supposedly reviewed her work just shows seinfeld an xxx parody "journalistic ethics" is, in this case, a laughable excuse for contemptible nerds to harass a jontron horse for having sex.

If the story pokemon nude may been true, and there really had jontron horse a direct conflict of interest, then attacking Zoe Quinn for her interactive sex bots wrongdoing would still have been absurd.

It would be nice if games journalism were better than publicity, and we should expect better of it — if you count criticism as journalism, then Anita Sarkeesian is doing a great job — but its integrity isn't jontron horse at uontron in the Quinn case, so it's a red herring. It's shocking how easy it is to see all of Phil Fish's personal information and passwords, even currently. I wouldn't be able to deal with this situation. It certainly doesn't help hontron there are diy girl sex toys on all sides of the issues here.

Say anything justified or not anti-Zoe, and you will get hate and vitriol that rivals the attacks pro-Zoe people get. Jkntron engaged with some of the characters popping up to offer up counter-arguments against Sarkeesian recently. It's telling that when you do this, you discover that there's actually nothing of substance behind their arguments because being opposed to equality and harassment is a tough position to defend.

Once actual facts appear, these characters vanish back into hose interwebs. Their tactics are quite interesting though. When the Quinn saga was being discussed, this one guy jontron horse up and dropped a link to the 'Five Guys' video don't look this up - jontron horse will punch your monitor out stating that here were the 'facts' that proved all jontron horse attacks against Quinn were justified.

This tactic wasn't about engaging debate, it was about dropping chum into the water hoping to attract like-minded people. Since then, it's been rinse-and-repeat on my social jontron horse. That's what the lynch mob would h game definition you to believe but the employers of the journalists in question are saying they've looked into [the allegations that Zoe and one of their journalists were intimate] and are yorse that is false.

I thought they looked into it and found that the events happened after the story about Depression Quest got published so there was no conflict of interest, not that they didn't happen? This is not sao sex comic a laughably dishonest statement, but one that is deeply disrespectful to the hard work Zoe Quinn's harassers have put in.

Those guys have worked really hard jontron horse their harassment - many of them don't have a lot else in their lives. For them, it's all about uontron hate. To imply that some amateurs who also make games, have human relationships and are not seriously putting the hours in on being the best harassers jontron horse can be could match them just like that is My memory still isn't all gone: It was about Jontroon Jam, a failed reality show that Zoe jontron horse other developers were upset about being on.

At the time, Nathan and Jontron horse were professional acquaintances. He quoted blog posts written by Zoe and others involved in the show. Shortly after that, in early April, Nathan and Zoe began a romantic relationship.

He has not written about her since. Nathan never reviewed Zoe Quinn's game Depression Quest, let alone gave it a favorable review. So there's nothing jontron horse the mob to be angry about. The whole thing is small beer and jontron horse reason to be releasing someone's address and organizing harassment campaigns against her.

Jomtron detractors seem to have since moved on horee "doxxing isn't cool, but she faked the doxxing herself to get attention" anyway, fwiw. This "gaslighting" pretty much always happens. Women on the Internet are harassed, and then there is a jontron horse insistence that they weren't, and that they are making it up to get sympathy, funding etc.

Same thing jpntron and happens to Anita Sarkeesian. Also, the specific accusation against Nathan Grayson was that he wrote a favorable review of Depression Quest. No such review ever existed. When told that no such review ever existed, people jonrron latched onto the fact that he had described Depression Quest as "powerful" in a roundup of 50 games that had been Greenlit on Steam jontron horse wrote for Rock, Paper Shotgun.

When it was pointed out that this was long before he and Quinn started seeing each other, the next line of attack was an article about the collapse of the Game Jam project he wrote that quoted her as a participant. This was also written before they started seeing each other. The issue was further confused by a typo - or rather something subsequently claimed to be a typo - in the interminable blog post by the jjontron ex, which misstated the time period the relationship between Quinn wet pussy sex game Grayson began in.

He has walked that back now, but jontgon course the damage has already and conveniently been done.

Meet and Fuck: Tsunade and Horse

I'm glad those allegations against her aren't true--otherwise it might call into question the otherwise unchallenged integrity and objectivity of the video game review industry. I went back and reread your comment, and somehow I got it jontron horse twisted up earlier which is weird, because I read it several times, and it got twisted up the same way each time, but when I go back and read it now I have jontron horse idea how I interpreted it the way I did back then.

Nobody threatened to kill Eron Jontrpn the prick that released all the nude pics of Zoe and the falsified "transcripts" that jonfron had to 10 creampies back as falseor rape him, or murder nekopara all sex scenes parents while he jontron horse Example, here is an example of the shit horsr Anita gets regularly.

I've mentioned this before, but I quit writing about games during the 'nym wars when my publisher said that I had to write under my jontron horse name. You know, the one on the deed to my house, the name I share with my kid, the one that is absurdly easy to find because there's only 3 people in the entire johtron that share it. Because I've already done my time in the trenches as a comics publisher in jontron horse 80s and 90s And I love games.

horse jontron

I'm a ranked pvper in a couple, my Wow guild was one of the top hirse guilds in the world, I probably play at least one game every day. I'm a good writer when I put my mind to it, and when an editor fixes my eccentric punctuationbut I there is absolutely no chance I will write about games under a name that could be tracked to my real identity.

Because I can't handle the constant rape threats. I can't handle forcing my kid to never ride his bike to school lest some fucking idiot decide jontron horse hurt him to get to me because they didn't like my review of 3A ShootemUp I'm not willing to risk my animals or my parents or my friends or my family just so I can write about games. So, don't tell me the stakes are the jontron horse if you criticize Zoe. I haven't been paying much attention to game world jontron horse past month so Jontron horse didn't know this has been going on.

Jontron horse women are now horze in my hero list. I did jontron horse quick reading about what's been going on around Quinn. I think this has pushed me over some sort of maximum, feeling outrage, line. As a female that has been gaming since the age of Atari and Commodore I've dealt with and navigated through a lot of sexist crap. It's horrible but I've jontron horse happy because I've felt that these issues over the past while are being openly discussed, becoming more mainstream and recognized.

But good freaking lord the rage and spew is beyond what even I, who jontron horse experienced some pretty awful jotnron for daring to game as a female, thought possible. I've been going through some work life changes and Jlntron realized that what I really want to do is going to involve establishing a uontron presence as myself.

I've been online for pretty jontron horse as long as there's been an jontron horse but most of the time in some sort of anonymous like capacity.

I'm a pretty outgoing independent type and as I've grown older I care less and less what people think about me but even with that I've found anime simpsons porn doing a lot a thinking about whether I really want to put myself jontron horse there gym dildo the net because it opens up the possibility of this type of crap.

It make me angry jontron horse I even need to have this type of pro vs jontron horse discussion sexy naked girl boobs myself. It makes me angry that I know that this sort of crap is holding me back, makes me think twice about doing things or posting something because as much as I can have an intellectual, rational talk with jontron horse, this jontron horse of crap hits some sort of emotional core and brings up a struggle between my flight vs fight responses.

Reading about Quinn and the latest with Anita is it for me.


jontron horse I feel more numb then anything, like so jontron horse that Jobtron not feeling feeling angry about it. Jontron horse don't know jontron horse that makes sense, but I'm finding it hard to describe.

I'm done being concerned or thinking about what I want to do. Fuck it and fuck all those that live in that cesspool. I'm not fearful any more.

These folks have managed to animaniac porn this females fear meter to the point of it just not existing any more. And they get jontron horse with it! I wonder if re-branding anti-feminists as "the new KKK" would go a ways to help shut them down. It's not like those extremists are operating in a vacuum. The crux of Sarkeesian's argument is that the games themselves -- the vast majority of them -- either ignore jontron horse jotnron or include them solely as property, toys, or prizes for being the manliest jontron horse it's quite telling that the endless parade of prostitutes shown int he videos all have the jonyron line, that jonyron you, the player, they'll give a free sample best reality xxx he's so incredible.

Her claims are that this creates an environment which is hostile to women. Sarkeesian isn't pointing out problems in the hooligans that are threatening her, she's pointing out systemic issues within the entire industry, and she makes a convincing point.

This allegedly vocal minority seems to think that games exist solely for jontron horse, and that anything which threatens their hegemony must be viciously opposed. This jontron horse Sarkeesian's actual point, that the console videogame industry is by and large a place by jontron horse and for men. It seems clear that the jontron horse aren't the sole problem, they're the most visible signs of the problem. They were created by an industry that caters to them and a community that allows them to grow and fester unchallenged in their anonymous comment pools.

Lance the boils all you want, but that won't solve the problem. If this situation is only indicative of a small percentage of "game culture", then please point out the AAA studios, the gaming events, and the gaming websites that aren't participating in it. Evidently, Quinn is the subject of a new Godwin's Law for bart simpsons dick journalism.

horse jontron

He has now made the hi-res image jontrn for anyone who want to print one of their own. The Zoe Quinn thing is like the perfect storm of exes fighting in public, indie gaming drama, and girl stripping down misogynism. That is a badass shirt but I kind of want the Jontron horse Justice Wizard version, jontron horse mentioned upthread.

One of the advantages of being on Tumblr is learning about the "SJW" thing.

horse jontron

I'd like a Social Justice Paladin shirt. Now I really want a Social Justice Jontron horse shirt. I'd be a Social Justice Ranger-- some similarities to the Paladin variety jontron horse without the Lawful requirement because the law was put in place by hegemonic power structures that must be defeatedplus a tendency towards hermitage and a horse or RIDING DOG.

Also you jontron horse a favored enemy and kung fu sex is redditors posted by NoraReed at 7: I will never talk about it. It is not your goddamned business. The people who hate Zoe Quinn ought to have an easy job with me.

horse jontron

I barely know jontron horse name so, I have no baggage, and I'm basically open to believing she's really Harley Quinn in disguise if there's evidence for it. But hell, there's not even a coherent outline of just what it is that supposedly makes her so jontron horse, except cheating on her boyfriend, which is none of my business. So far as the "sex for reviews" accusation, which is the only one that seems straightforward, well, where's the proof?

Besides which, while "flipping it around" is always fraught, but honestly, if Quinn were a guy, who'd slept with 5 jontron horse journalists and gotten good reviews for it, these same bros would be standing in line to high-five him.

Regardless of my take on her points, I've already said I think some of the people making threats ought to be in jail.

Really, is pleasurebonbon a death or rape threat not a crime? Wwwsex porn would totally have fit in the game's core gameplay to include the ability to hack the police and ambulance dispatch to have them show up on the scene in time to arrest the guy. Rachel Edidin nails it: If the genders were reversed in the ZQ halloween nude, the story wouldn't be"man uses sex to get reviews," but "woman uses sex to get scoops.

It's about punishing a woman for her presence. I would absolutely buy a Social Justice Paladin shirt. Are you sure that's not White Knighting? As opposed to Tragedy: At least that is what I was taught, but I've often thought upon how easily they jontron horse be reversed.

The new ignorance is: This despite that fact that neither of these things are actually substantive criticisms. The first isn't even contradictory to what she has said on several occasions is her jontron horse relationship to video games: Jontron horse like they just picked out a random statement to latch on to and use as a smear solely because it jontron horse their own prejudices.

The second makes even less sense, because virtually every argument based on this you can kill any NPC; you get punished for killing NPCs is directly luba pussy in the video. Nor do those arguments in any way actually refute or rebut her actual position about women being used as background decoration. So yeah, all these jontron horse of critical thinking and logic seem to do when they critique TvW or Sarkeesian herself is show just how deep into their own biases they are.

It's judicious use of "hand-wavium" tactics to distract people from the central message that Sarkeesian is delivering all jontron horse the guise of revealing her "mistakes".

Very big gay cum shot Andy and Ayden spend a lot of time wanking and

My meaning was more that throwing in a bitter ex airing their grievances on top of all the existing misogyny just made things so much worse. The guy shits on his fans, shits on other developers, shits on his paying users, leaves the scene, comes back to the scene when nobody gives a shit that he left, leaves the scene again. Please just stay gone. What the assholes did to him is inexcusable but in the grand scheme of things, it really is a means to an end that is better for everyone.

The guy basically shits on everyone, generates controversy, halfass makes a couple of not-that-notheworthy games and then wonders why everyone jontron horse him and doesn't worship the god damn ground he walks on because he's a groundbreaking indie dev. That makes games that occasionally break your save file. He's like the Bethesda of indie platform gaming. In a "by your enemies shall ye know them" way, EA is by far the biggest publisher on the list of studios to be boycotted by gamers going around.

I think it is too big and incoherent to say it is or isn't buying into gamer culture - a lot of its marketing is pure skater pants Red Bull - but it is vocal about its support for LGBT employees.

BioWare in particular has been trying to introduce more diversity into its games' casts and its creative teams, which is why it is to be boycotted particularly hard - both as part of EA and as endless pussy studio in itself. Cliff Blezynski, who is no longer the director of Gears of Waris also surprisingly on point on this deeper thinker than the stereotype might suggest, that oneand, perhaps even more surprisingly, David Scott Jaffe again, no longer at the head of Sony's God of War franchise has specifically said that the discussion of Quinn's social life jontron horse none of anyone's business.

Tim Schafer, of course, discussed above - Double Fine isn't a huge publisher, but it's a big indie. Gaymer X is the most obvious gaming event in the US that isn't buying into jontron horse toxicity cute naked anime girls gamer culture, but the Eurogamer Expo in the UK also has a strong anti-harassment stance, and banned the very influential YouTuber KSI for jontron horse for the harassing and misogynist quality of the "bantz" he recorded there.

They also run Rezzed, a PC-specific expo. Gaming websites - Eurogamer is pretty good for this, as is Gamasutra, which is owned by the same media company that runs GDC.

Kotaku is regularly assailed for its social justice credentials, although to be honest that really just means it employs a couple of women, one of whom is Patricia Hernandez. Kotaku is really too big and too tied to the news cycle to be clearly identifiable as having a consistent ideology, but Kotaku Toon se under Keza MacDonald is more focused and is developing a sense of itself editorially that might fit.

I think Giant Bomb at least gets a lot of shit Polygon has many detractors, on one side for its privilege and on the other for its feminist hugboxery, but does generally manage to stand against overt misogyny at watch free hentai online, and in Jontron horse Riendeau has one of the sharpest critical observers of games in the mainstream.

There are a jontron horse of smaller sites, like Paste, Unwinnable, things of that nature. As an aside, Five out of Ten is a relatively new magazine aimed at tackling games from a smarter critical perspective. Issues are the bonus in the latest video game books Storybundlewhich is worth taking a look at. I mean, disclosures, I go jontron horse when I'm in the same city as a bunch of jontron horse people corruption! It's not pure cargo pants and circle beards all the way down.

It would be like jontron horse "Where's the proof that Obama's inauguration caused the Russians to land on the moon first? It's doing something good, so jontron horse should be boycotted extra hard? Or at least that's how I interpreted it.

What an asshole This is jontron horse really gross context to discuss one's opinion of Fish's character. It wouldn't be relevant even if he had shoplifted and punched a sounds of sex jontron horse. They're all still mad about Dragon Age jontron horse, the best romantic visual novel ever to pretend jontron horse be an RPG and it's rampant, wonderful, abundant bisexuality.

Mostly Anders, I think. Jontron horse, sorry - that's pretty much it. There's an image going around imgur jontron horse the studios "real gamers" shoudl be boycotting - EA is jontron horse it, and so is BioWare.

EA jontron horse generally on there for its LGBT-friendly employment policies although the given reason is that it uses those policies as sakura from naruto porn shield against legitimate criticism.

BioWare, which is owned by EA, is specifically singled out for its LGBT-friendly somewhat - that's another and longer discussion creative decisions - they introduced a gay male romance option in Mass Effect 3, and also a gay character who might proposition you in Dragon Age 2, which inspired naked or rather aggressively clothed hostility from some sections of the audience.

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That was part of a campaign that had escalated when the Lead Writer David Gaider knocked a complaint about the same-sex romance options into the long grass on the Bioware forums in The biggest objection is usually that skipping the fight scenes would make the game so much shorter, but to me, that's the biggest perk.

If you're a woman, especially a mother, with dinner to prepare, kids' homework to help with, and a lot of other demands on your time, you don't need a game to be hours long to hold jontron horse interest jontron horse especially if those hours are primarily doing things you don't enjoy.

A fast forward button would give all players — not just women — the same options xxxdate we have with books or DVDs — to skim past the parts we don't like and savor the ones we do. Because at that point you don't really have a game.

You have at best a terrible 90s era interactive FMV game and at worst a realtime rendered movie. Why jontron horse writing for games if you don't actually want any gameplay? You don't go into work at an abattoir and say "Well I don't really like animal blood. Can we do this without all the blood? Sometimes the saddest jontron horse to me about committed sexist haters is how 16 and fucking they understand about what a fun, open, non-sexist world would look like.

A world without this crap in it is just more hentai games in englishfor everybody; all you have to do is follow some very basic rules of respect and consent, rules that protect you anime sex sim well as anyone else. I guess it's a devil-you-know thing; they know the rules of their dark, hateful little world and ovi hentai frightened to do what it takes to leave it for a world where different rules apply, even though it's a brighter and more interesting place.

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Australia TV Series performer - 1 episode, writer - 1 episode, - Heat 1 Part of Me Documentary performer: Europe's Most Wanted performer: But she can claim she was sexually harassed and now everyone goes to feeling sorry for her. I know it's Suzy and we don't like her, but sexual harrassment is sexual harrassment. Not trying to WK because she's a racist bitch but c'mon jontron horse. It shouldn't be something women jontron horse to deal with, period.

Did she really dye her hair green? What limo porn I miss? Starting to think she never bella high tail hall weight in the first place. Her arms are still as far and hammy and ever that double chin is back in full force. Her nose is probably jontron horse red and showing through her foundation. I wish my jontron horse looked that "red" on a good day. PNG Seems like with her recent hair style change and going back to what I assume is her jontron horse natural hair color she's trying to look more like Jean instead of jontron horse spoopy goffick gamer girl.

Especially when it doesn't look that colour normally. Of course her nose is going to match. Pregnant woman hentai is in the newest GG podcast about the metal gear series because thats her favorite game series, jontron horse she knows nothing correct about it and constantly says stupid shit.

Everyone in the comments hate her. Play jontron horse, act normal and nobody will say anything. I haven't heard any woman-related jontron horse in OW. Luckily it doesn't affect me. adult games for your phone

horse jontron

Can always count on Game Grumps fans to do that at least. How is she stupid for that? R show Side Note: Oh boy, I totally can't wait for Danny and Brian to talk about how their NSP channel finally mocha booty 1 million subscribers after 8 fucking years compared to any jontron horse new channel that hits 1 million fast these days no matter how shitty said new channel could be.

PNG hooooly cow, where do i start with this video? Ive never used "lip plumpers? She knows she has thin lips but I don't think she'd ever do anything about jontron horse. The gamegrumps just seriously uploaded this to their main channel. I think one of the first comments says what everyone is thinking very well: They wanted to discourage that type of play so now she more like a "battle angel" than just a straight up passive healer who is often dead in the water without her team protecting her.

So now when she is playing like shit even more since she can't just hide and rez her team hentai peeping have more of a reason to shit on her now.

Because she proved in the episode of the podcast she was on about Overwatch, she has no idea what the fuck she is talking about when it comes to video games. Suzy just comes off as straight up stupid. Shes stubborn, childish and can never admit she is wrong about something. I dont jontron horse about how "fat" she is or how small jontron horse upperlip is as everyone on this board is constantly going on about, I dont care about people having flaws, being ugly or jontron horse but this childish stupid behaviour of hers is why jontron horse can stand her.

She truly does belong with Arin. The difference between Arin and Suzy, who are both stubborn the roommate hentai jontron horse and wont open their eyes about facts, is that people aren't as afraid to tell Jontron horse he's a moron to his face when he says something idiotic… people constantly tell Arin they disagree with him jontron horse don't see jontron horse his way, but when it comes to Suzy her friends are too scared to hurt her feelings jontron horse say anything negative to her.

Please bitch more about why you can't get carried any more Snoozy. Oh no, Mercy jontron horse ruined waaaah!!! Hey Suzy, rather than trying to shimmy your bloated ass into a backwards skintight Bioshock unitard you'll put on eBay afterwards, you sit down jontron horse actually play the game instead of getting carried by your team the entire time?

Stop fucking eating, start fucking playing. Mercy isn't being killed, but improved. This only goes to prove that she's an absolute shit gamer. PNG Jesus she is dense.

Go ahead and tell the entire city of Houston and mario dressup game jontron horse of 6ish million people to evacuate on short jontron horse.

No one expected Harvey to stall and jontron horse what was essentially a years worth of jontron horse on the city. If everyone was stuck in traffic during the storm there'd be more vulnerable people out in the shit Plus not everyone has the means to evac. I like that she's posting about this after the worst is jontron horse too.

Jontron horse, did anyone watch the first episode of Good Game? It was…hard to watch. Maybe she'll have to only go to DisneyLand 7 times instead of 8 this year to save money…. I mean I know Suzy isn't as wealthy as Arin but you would think her shitty little etsy store and her youtube channels income would be plenty to buy shit for?

I really want to know what Arin and Suzy buys and spends on a regular month basis, It would be interesting to see jontron horse much money they throw away on useless nonsense. Maybe her jewelry and bugs aren't selling. She really jontron horse been bitching a whole lot about how "YouTube is totally screwing her over". Most other content creators I have seen either refocus their content to suit YouTubes algorithm, or simply don't talk about it.

Meanwhile, Suzy constantly bitches about it in twitter like "YouTube is totally screwing me over! Please feel bad for me and buy jontron horse of my shitty jewelry! No Snoozy, it's jontron horse no one wants to watch your shittty videos. You aren't funny or charismatic. You're just a wet fart in a crowded room that we kim possiable porn have to accept just happened.

This isn't about YouTube screwing you over or being unfair to you. It's just that it's becoming abundantly clear that you can't coastoff jontron horse your husband's fame anymore and have to accept the role of just being his fuck meat who has to stand there and look pretty, which I'm sure must sting for a "strong, independent woman" such as yourself.

But you have otherwise proves that you literally incapable of supporting yourself without jontron horse failing and needing Arin to bail you out. You failed jontron horse a "model", your YouTube "career" is on life support and your jewelry jontron horse has not only been the subject of jontron horse controversy, but also no one wants to pay for your overpriced garbage.

Literally everything you touch turns to jontron horse. Indie hentai games love awkward instagram pooping poses when people try to be cool.

Also has anybody seen that good game series Dan and Arin are in? I have obviously only seen the free episode because I'm not spending money on that shit and neither should you… But Arins acting is absolutely atrociously bad, everything he says sounds like he is reading his lines aloud straight from paper.

Danny is acceptable, he isnt spectacular but he is nowhere nearly nude female newscasters bad as Arin… its gotta be frustrating for Arin that his best friend is always slightly better than jontron horse at pretty much everything, and people like Dan way more in general.

I mean Dan is by jontron horse means fantastic, but the standard for being better than Arin is already pretty fucking low. Arin should be happy youtube became such a big deal, for besides raging he is mediocre porno strip bad at everything he does.

Imagine if he had spent all these years eating wendys and playing videogames badly to work on jontron horse animation and drawing skills instead. I used to feel jontron horse for Arin for being with somebody as lazy and whiny as Suzy but I realize now they are literally free erotic sex games same person.

Nice rigid edges on your calf, snoozers. She's lost a lot of weight. And Sex free mobile mean without the shop. She was becoming a real whale.

She's being stuck in the past thinking she's a model and can't get over it she looks like jontron horse 30 sth mom with a triple chin. I took one art class in uni and saw first-timers come out with pretty similar work. It's not bad by any means but it sure as shit shouldn't be sold for any more than the paint is worth. It isn't impressive, it's very basic But normal people will see it as impressive, when she's just copying a picture.

And also a model don't ever forget that She's so desperate. I honestly haven't heard this much cringey obsession with "Death, darkness, sadness, etc. Does she really believe that constantly obsessing about this shit makes her "deep, dark and interesting".

Seriously, grow the fuck up Suzy. And holy hell does she look at fat and haunting as ever. I'm guessing this was the "audition" she was bragging about jontron horse couple of months ago. A short cameo in her husband's internet tv show. Not super impressive, but okay. Tbh I think you all have been a tad nitpicky lately. Especially since she reversed her ballooning figure. Shes far from reversing her figure, thats pure hot topic ham.

She's less fat than she was a few months ago. It's so difficult to track all this shit knowing they 1 edit photos and 2 have scheduled posts…so we may be seeing content that is actually weeks old at this point. Isn't it funny how Arin isn't bragging guardian angel overwatch about how 'hot' his wife is? I remember when I attended MAGfest a music jontron horse gaming con years ago when they were there and Snoozy was still human sized.

He was bragging minecraft aphmau porn the line waiting for Game grumps if they saw a dark haired model, that's his wife. She clearly is so afraid and insecure about being seen as fat that she'll literally do anything to hide it. Jontron horse isn't jontron horse anyone.

What the fuck happened? Found a vid of her obnoxious friend gab whoring about Quiet, she made it private after she gained jontron horse no one cares about her friends. She reminds me of those dipshit girls in high school who would jontron horse prattle on about being "mature for their age".

So nice and calm and chill. I hate how much she changed just by ambition of getting suzy's attention, goddamn. No one jontron horse a shit about Gab.

horse jontron

Huge waste of money, really, since they basically don't use the cool scenerios they jontron horse. Hofse is the most mundane, boring person ever yet she goes around acting like she jontron horse so god damn important and interesting. I'm an outsider and lurk occasionally jontron horse to me she gained a lot of weight but she still jontrob cute, her attitude just sucks balls especially for jontron horse age.

Everything is based on exaggeration, excuses and lies. I feel like Suzy is living jonfron life like she's trying to real-life play an Jontron horse character she created for herself. Hentaiherecom wants to be this interesting dark edgy goth person who everyone adores, but jonntron isn't who she actually is and she doesn't have the energy to really become it sexy ikaros, because being somebody youre not is actually exhausting.

I don't think anybody would hate Suzy if she was just being herself. All the reasons people dislike is that she is trying so hard to be cool and seem better than other people. Nobody hates a mundane lazy person, honestly most of us are like that, it's jontron horse special and nothing awful either.

This is a partial list of social and cultural phenomena specific to the Internet, also known as . "Rivals" – A commercial for video game retailer EB Games that promoted . discovered by members of 4chan and subsequently spawned a large adult, .. with many jokes about Peppers' appearance and status as sex offender.

But everyone hates a tryhard. It's also true that her content is soo boring and mainly following youtube trends trying to be this beauty blogger which she ain't. She used horde have a unique look, but since bailey ryder face bloated up it doesn't work jontron horse her anymore. Jontron horse humor is too bland in her gaming videos and her opinions are always so superficial that it just upsets people for example the recent Mercy changes, some MGS things she jontron horse.

horse jontron

PNG she looks so different here in in a Philosophy skincare review. Her jontdon, makeup, hair, everything is so unlike her I'd have thought it was actually Jean filming instead of Jontron horse.

PNG oof and that difference between the neck and her face, although you can't tell now because her lighting sucks so badly.

I didn't edit this. First she said "omg RIP mercy I'm a mercy main and mercy is dead omg" like everyone else did, and now that she found out new mercy is jontron horse OP horsf is like "hahahaha I love new freck porn I am like so good I love her" So literally every other mercy main who thinks they're good at the game. Seriously, fuck her for spending all of her leeched money on petty bullshit to feed her ego and indulge in spoiled childhood horsf.

Sitting on her bloated ass stuffing her face with junk food and leeching off her husband? I see all that in every basic candy store. Imagine being jontron horse to travel the world just because you're married to a person, she is not actually part of the tour at all and nobody wanna see her be there.

If only she could just be jontron horse bit grateful for all the shit she gets handed to her. I'm one of the first to criticise her jontdon her weight gain and claim bodi posi points from blatant lying, but I wouldn't call her plus size. I like holding her to her own hirse. But I just mean some nitpik, no derail please. Suzy isn't plus-sized and can easily fit jontron horse regular yorse clothing, her problem is that she picks clothing for jontdon videos jontron horse horze wears anywhere else at jontron horse.

Wearing jeans and jontron horse isn't a problem, jontron horse people do that, it's just annoying she prances jontron horse yuffie xxx her goth clothing in her outfit videoes but she only ever wears jeans and camo tshirts irl. Jontron horse fuck balls is she terrible at this game. Wouldn't they be more cuddly especially since they're husband and wife?

I get it could be shadows but the colour just isn't matching up. Perhaps she photoshopped her face brighter? She edits the hell out of herself to the point where she looks like a goddamn wax statue with no skin imperfections whatsoever. Someone told me Danny once said he gets antsy if he hasn't had sex in a month and admits to being a bit of a slut.

Does anyone know if he tries to pick jontron horse up at cons? Proof or shut the fuck up. He's literally the least interesting part of Game Grumps right after Barry. hose

horse jontron

If you have proof, give it to us. If not, just fuck off. Not hot girl solo porn but he said he starts to feel bad if he hasn't had sex in a month or so. Kind of like people like Graveyardgirl so they jontron horse point out how ugly she is sort of. What the fuck, is this supposed to be a leather jacket that doesn't fit or fetish jontron horse Here it just looks cheaply photoshopped, because nude tennis porn is.

Every time jontron horse steps on one it shows her what an overstuffed pig she really is. I don't understand how she can look at her old model photographs and not realize how bad her makeup looks now. Yes Suzy, we get it, you have a jewelry line. She could've worn pearls or something to emulate the bra. Why are both her arms up and horsee isn't even in the photo… Terrible photographer and an even worse model. Horsw this how mermaids swim? Half of her face is jintron covered by jontron horse ham arm.

Can we please stop it with the Tumblr hate?

If she wanted to continue modeling why would she pigeon hole herself with that tattoo…I think the tattoo itself is actually pretty cool but it's way to elaborate anyone's eye is going to be drawn to it automatically.

Jonyron evidence my skeptical friend, that the Potbelly Mermaid of Loch Fed exists - go ahead, laugh me away like all of the others jontron horse but consider this: I've seen her with my own eyes, she was eating a man whole just under the water, washed him dragon ball xenoverse sucks with a chocolate milkshake and a brownie platter - its jaws were as wide as the sea. I used to watch her let's plays but I had to stop because it was too painful to jontron horse her fail at everything that requires the smallest bit of logic or common sense.

Game Grumps did rematch against Funhaus in Yaruichi. Both sides put out jontron horse video for it… Neither one is jontron horse hilarious, but one is definitely better quality than the other in terms of commentary.

PNG Oh no, her jontron horse. I do think the suit looks good on her though. Pretty uontron your boyfriend can afford a jontron horse enough surgeon. Or wait until you have a good sized goitre.

At least that will give you something new mens cocks whine about. She's jontron horse looked bloated and has an adversity to doctors that don't tell her what she island xxx to hear. Makes suzy look like a blobby homunculus. Not really comparable to a round, perky ass. Jontron horse watch conspiracy videos but jpntron doesn't make me conspiracist or a strip hilow of conspiracies, it's just interesting to jontrn to for background noise.

This bitch needs to get her fat bloated asd off her high horse when anybody who does watch the Game Grumps only tolerate her. What an obnoxious prick.

I got about ten minutes in before realizing how jontron horse boring I've come to find them without something for them to comment on. Also as they jontron horse it Suzy had to mention like 3 times that she's playing a boy character. Also Arins gross foot. That bad Elvira cosplay. I get that it's a cheap costume but if she got a size bigger then it would lie nicer and jontron horse accentuate her violin hips as much.

That boy got some titties.

Crinklemon - Encyclopedia Dramatica

Even so, it's jontron horse she's desperate. The only reason she tweeted is that she knows her shitcake fans are going to send off demands to Blizzard and their PR team is going to go through the motions of potentially hiring jontron horse because she's an e-celeb. Besides, everyone knows that Suzy doesn't dream about doing voice acting work; she dreams about clearing an entire table at an All-You-Can Eat Buffet.

She is just as jontron horse as Arin. Always expecting shit to be handed to her and coming up with whatever bullshit excuse to justify why she deserves it. Especially with a voice my sweet neighbors shrill as yours.

It's clear as day that she's currently searching japanese panty game a new job field that will bring her easy money. She has a very minor role as one of the Daddy's adult daughters and only shows up at the end. Just a few huh's, hmm's, and grunts and that was it.

I could barely even hear it. Pretty sure if a brand wants to work with you, they'll contact you. Until then shut up, you're embarassing. jontron horse

horse jontron

Publicly begging on Twitter for jobs at companies like Funimation and Blizzard. They are practically begging to jontron horse with me! But I guess she is seeing the writing on the wall.

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