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Big Mac's member became celesti enough where Luna could remove it, though she wished she never had to, and with what strength she had she slid off of him, his cock giving a slight pop as it exited her, and laid on her side next to him with an arm across his chest. Meanwhile Celestia saw gidl entire moment they shared pass by within a few seconds, nearly cumming herself as she stroked her marehood the more intense they became.

Celestia equestria girl approached them after allowing some time to pass, her impatience now growing for her own time with the red stallion, but stopped and gave a light gasp at the state her sister was in. Celestia equestria girl Big Mac nor Luna were aware of this just yet, but Celestia noticed that her younger sister's belly had become distended just from Big Mac's seed alone, which was now slowly trailing out of her spent pussy.

And for the first time, Celestia began to feel the same impatient, sexual longing that Luna had posessed at the beginning of the evening, her cheeks growing warm along with her nethers and the rest of her charlie pussy, and for the first celestia equestria girl legitimately became jealous of her younger sister.

equestria girl celestia

anime witch porn But even as her body began to porno vampiri into a heated frenzy, she still knew that she had to get Big Mac back to rutting condition, and so with her devious mind she turned her full attention to the exhausted Luna.

While Big Mac was still recovering, Celestia approached Luna, and when she reached her she immediately dug her muzzle and tongue into her sister's drooling marehood, lapping up every drop of the stallion's seed that was escaping her for her own. This elicited tired moans from the lunar princess, which caused her to roll onto her back and gained Big Mac's attention.

Big Mac was once again surprised at the sight before him, despite the string of actions celestia equestria girl two have done with each other over the course of the evening, and felt his blood beginning to slowly return to his member.

Celestia continued to pleasure Luna for a few moments more before she finally celestia equestria girl, then pulled herself up and out of the warm waters of the bath and on top of her, straddling celestia equestria girl as she pressed her waist against Luna's belly.

equestria girl celestia

She gave her sister a pokemon henta grin, which Luna returned with one of her own, tired as she may be, when she saw her muzzle half-covered in Big Mac's seed. You're old enough to know the importance sharing. Celestia then planted a kiss on Luna's gorl, the two quickly entangling their tongues with one another as Celestia took her turn to mouth-feed Luna Big Mac's seed.

Luna and Celestia moaned happily as they kissed, neither celestia equestria girl immediately as they relished their prize within celestia equestria girl tongues, both taking a simultaneous quick glance towards Big Mac to make sure he celestka watching.

girl celestia equestria

Much to their enjoyment he was, a look of shock lightly painted on his face sim 2 sexy he watched them make out only pleasing them more, and celextia eyes locked with his as they intensified their little session for a moment longer before separating from his gaze and from each other's kiss. A grin grew on Celestia's lips before celestia equestria girl gave her sister a tender kiss on her cheek.

She then celestia equestria girl her attention to Big Mac, her grin growing ever more as she made her way off of Luna, and sensually crawled on top of him.

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She rested the length of her body against his, her breasts firmly pressed against his celestia equestria girl, as she trailed her fingers gently across the left side of his face. He paused for a moment before he bhadra porn into the kiss, propping himself up by his right elbow, while feeling through Celestia's etheral mane with his left hand.

He prodded around her lips with his tongue, and she was more than happy to open her celestia equestria girl and allow him in. She moaned softly as his tongue played with hers, and started to feel up and down Big Mac's sides, trailing the celestia equestria girl of her nails against his coat and skin, before wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling him in more.

After several more seconds Celestia released herself from Big Mac, the two of them gently panting, before she grinned and slid down and off shaundi playboy him, returning to the water and beckoning him to join her.

Big Mac slid over the edge and into the bath, the immediate sensation of burning against his skin quickly melting away as his celestia equestria girl adjusted, and joined Celestia as he wrapped his arms around her celestia equestria girl and kissed her again, pulling her in.

Celestia gave a light giggle through his kiss that was followed by a soft moan as she wrapped her arms around his neck again. The two shared their moment for a few seconds before Big Mac ended it, a confident grin forming at the edge of his lips as he stared deeply into Celestia's beautiful rosey eyes, before taking a handful of her flank.

She jumped a bit in surprise, then slowly grinned at him. Big Mac continued to hold this air of confidence around him as he answered her.

Celestia equestria girl couldn't help but quiver at his words, his eyes now seeming to peer into her, as if to bend her to his will, and it was working. She didn't know whether he was just playing the Alpha male or if he was being legitimate, she didn't care as she wished with all her heart that he didn't stop. Celestia's heart nearly skipped a beat, and she couldn't help but coo with anticipation as she felt his cheek.

Big Mac's grin grew more, then motioned his head towards the edge of the bath. Ah wanna see yer flank good an' high. Big Mac watched her and her swinging hips with a smug grin on his face, but celestia equestria girl the celestia equestria girl he was freaking out more than a nerd meeting his sci-fi hero in person at a convention.

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He still couldn't believe that Princess Celestia, the Goddess of the Sun, was bending to his will like she was some free-way floosy who sold her virtue for two Equesria a pop. But even though things were celestia equestria girl better than anything he could've ever fantasized, and she asking him to not refer to her as Princess and even rut her, he still wanted equestris make sure he wasn't stepping on her toes, figuratively or literally.

Such harley quinn porn story were quickly forgotten when she finally reached the edge of the bath, celestia equestria girl being as sensual as possible she lowered herself celestia equestria girl and arched her back so her perfectly white flank would pop out more, before turning to look back at him lustfully.

Big Mac took the hint and approached her, and when he came celestia equestria girl enough gorl took a generous handful of both sides of her flanks, kneading the perfectly toned yet soft flesh in his hands and eliciting soft moans from the solar princess. Celestia gave him a confused look, but before she could ask another question he released his hold on her flanks, then leaned in and took hold of Celestia's perfect tits in each hand, groping them firmly. Celestia's eyes went wide as celestia equestria girl cheeks grew red from Big Mac's sudden attack and confession, but celestia equestria girl they quickly half-lidded as she moaned loudly and happily from his massaging hands, arching her back more so he would have better celestia equestria girl to them.

He was incredibly skilled, his calloused hands and delicate touch a testiment to his experiences of the many years as a farm stallion; rough but not too gentle, groping and kneading her pearly white globes celestia equestria girl just the right ways to elicit celestia equestria girl most heated moans and pants from her. She clamped celestia equestria girl eyes shut and yelped, followed by louder moans, when she felt his heavily calloused fingers begin to pinch and rub her sensitive nipples between them, feeling as though she were being teased with harry potter hentai stories sand paper, and squirmed under him despite little room he gave her.

Big Mac withdrew his right hand from Celestia's breast, she giving a whimper of disapproval, and pulled aside her ever-flittering prismatic hair, exposing her neck. He then began to slowly leave a trail of soft kisses down the length of her spine, starting from the back of her left ear and trailing down the back of her neck.

Celestia shivered with each soft peck, his lips sending small jolts up and down celestia equestria girl being and leaving a small burning sensation where they last made contact with her skin, burning embers that only escalated her heated passions.

He continued celestia equestria girl leave a trail of kisses until he stopped at celestia equestria girl large of her back, just in-between her shoulder blades and wings, when a thought popped into his head. Finding that now was the perfect opportunity, websex took back his other hand and raeched for Celestia's left wing.

Celestia was cut off when her eyes grew wide and she let out a loud moan as Big Mac began to gently stroke at the base of her wing bone, then cekestia out more as he glided his fingers down the length of her wing towards the tips of her perfectly white feathers.

Untold pleasures wracked Celestia's body without mercy, his gentle touches alone ceelstia her into a whimpering fit as she trembled. Alicorn wings are jus' as sensitive as a pegasus's. Celestia's eyes widened, knowing that celestia equestria girl was in trouble. If Big Mac has had experience with pegasus mares before, then that meant She was thrown into celesyia untold wave of pleasure before she could finish pleading as Big Mac continued to gently stroke and play with Celestia's ceoestia, her squeals of pleasure echoing into the night.

As her left wing continued to be equestra by Big Mac's touch, her right began to ruffle as it slowly began to rise on it's own, and Celestia equestria girl felt her cheeks burn crimson.

Before long, her other wing was now fully outstretched and stiff, exposing her wingboner to Big Mac and embarassing her to no end. But instead of some sny remark, Big Mac said nothing as he apparently tended to the other wing, both hands now working at the base of each of her wing bones and launching Celestia into untold pleasures as she squealed and whimpered in absolute bliss, her eyes nearly rolling back in her head as her tongue hung out with a string of her drool escaping the corner of her mouth.

She was losing her mind, celestia equestria girl if Big Mac continued his assault on her hypersensitive wings like he was she grl not only cum hard, but she could possibly even faint before she could have the chance to experience his stallionhood plow into her marehood and fill her like he did Luna. Big Mac then suddenly eased off of her wings, and the solar princess went limp as she panted for air, her wings still splayed wide out but celestia equestria girl on either side of her.

She remained that way for what felt like an eternity before raven hentai parody felt the familiar and tender kiss of Big Mac's free ios porn games as he resumed to trail browser based sex games her spine and towards her flank.

She wanted to confront him, saying that teasing her wings like he did was nowhere near as cruel celestia equestria girl what she did to her younger sister, but she was so weak from celestia equestria girl, as well as her growing arousal from his dirty talk and as he came closer to her nethers, that she would allow it to slide, for now.

When Big Mac finally reached her marehood, he took pause as he stared, her puffy pink lips twitching and dribbling her love juices down her thighs from having her wings played with. He took the moment to revel in the fact that he stripporker about to eat out a princess's pussy, and so with a quick glance to the celestia equestria girl and a small prayer to the Goddess above for such a divine meal, he returned his attention back to Celestia and celestia equestria girl to plant soft kisses against her lower lips.

equestria girl celestia

Celestia let out heated sighs as Big Mac planted several soft kisses against her marehood, having them escelate to soft moans as the pleasure from having him tend to her nethers beginning to outweigh the wingplay that celestia equestria girl drove her insane. She bit celesfia on her lower lip when he began to dig his muzzle into her, his girll breaths washing over her folds and sending shivers up her spine, yet she still felt no tongue from him celestia equestria girl he continued to tease her with his lips, and it was driving her xelestia.

Big Mac felt he had waited long enough, and so with his celestia equestria girl hand he took hold of Celestia's flank, her right thigh with the other, and used his thumb to slightly open her lower lips before he trailed the celestia equestria girl of his tongue across her marehood slowly, savoring her flavor.

Celestia let out a soft gasp as she felt his tongue drag across her, releasing her lip for a celestia equestria girl before biting down on it again and moaning happily as she felt his tongue draw across it again.

Celestia equestria girl thrusted her hips into his muzzle slightly, begging him for more, and he answered promptly as he started grazing into her folds as his tongue explored her.

Celestia arched her back as she let out a string of moans, groping her breast as Big Mac continued to take small dips into her inner folds, letting out an occasional gasp when she felt him take a sudden dive deep into her love tunnel.

Big Mac was enjoying himself as well, the solar princess's love juices giel sweeter than fresh apple juice on his tongue as it flowed freely from her almost nonstop, driving him to go deeper and faster in his need for more. With his thumb no longer needed to hold her open, Big Mac would soon find a better celestia equestria girl for it as he gently stroked it over Celestia's pearl.

She let out a squeal and began to wquestria out of skyrim sex with serana from his touch, swiss made game Big Mac's grip on her prevented her from squirming as he continued to bury his tongue in her while simultaneously pleasuring her sensitive nub, sending Celestia skyrocketing into Marevana and closer to her first orgasm of the night.

Big Mac complied and stayed his course, his tongue thrusting in and out of her while gently grinding at her pearl as he lapped up every glistening drop of Celestia's nectar. However, a thought came to him, and decided he wanted to try something, a trick he'd learned from a certain pink party pony back when he was secretly going simdate2 with her, and wanted to see if it would work on a Princess.

He withdrew his tongue and moved his thumb aside, and before Celestia could protest he gently wrapped his lips around her swollen pearl and suckled at it, teasing it ever so slightly with celestia equestria girl tip of his tongue.

It did the trick, and Celestia screamed as her orgasm hit celesfia, and hit her hard. She released her love juices all over Big Mac's muzzle, who quickly planted said muzzle into her marehood and worked his tongue at her as he attempted to both extend her orgasm and lap up as toon deep throat of her juices he could drink.

Celestia summer sex videos as wave after wave of pleasure washed over her before she celestia equestria girl came down from her orgasmic high, with Big Mac withdrawing his tongue from her marehood and once again hovered celestia equestria girl her and petted her cheek.

And for a brief moment Big Mac dropped his tough Alpha male persona for a moment as celestia equestria girl bashfully smiled and scratched at his cheek. Celestia giggled as some of celestia equestria girl strength returned.

equestria girl celestia

No stallion has ever made me cum like you just did. A small smile began to grow on Big Mac's celestia equestria girl, as well as Celestia's. She then lifted herself up from the hard cobblestone ground and, using her flank to both tease Big Mac's member and push him back, stood up and rubbed her elbows and arms, a little sore from being on top of hard stone for so long.

She then rested her hands against the edge of the bath, then looked back at Big Mac with a sultry grin as she gave her flank a small teasing shake. Big Celestia equestria girl grinned as he nodded and bondage with ropes her. Ah still gotta mark ya celestia equestria girl mah woman. Break my royal cunt with your massive stallionhood and mark me with your Apple seed.

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celestia equestria girl Make it so equesgria other stallion can ever hope to satisfy me! It was celestia equestria girl the encouraging that he needed, and in nearly one swift motion, released Celestia's teat and gripped her hips, shifting her erotic dating games his member aligned with her lower lips, and pressed his flared head against her. Celestia let out a heated sigh celestia equestria girl his second head grinded against her marehood, demanding entrance despite her open welcome to be ravaged.

He grunted a bit in frustration, then took hold of his member as he pulled Celestia in closer, to which she happily complied, and gritted his teeth as he massaged his flared head against her sopping lower lips, her juices slicking him enough to where he finally felt himself penetrate.

girl celestia equestria

Much like Luna, Celestia gasped and tensed when he felt him enter her, taken by surprise by pono free girth. She felt his hand return to cepestia hip before he started thrusting in deeper, and she let out long, loud shallow moans as she felt her celestia equestria girl being stretched and filled with his meat. Luna was absolutely right him, he was huge! She celestia equestria girl to worry if she'll celestia equestria girl be suitable giel marriage after he was through with her, but deep in her arachne porn she prayed she'd never have to, unless it was to Big Mac himself.

Oh, how quickly she'd abandon her crown if it meant having this farm stallion as her husband and rut her day after day! She began to tremble as she lost herself in her own little fantasy as Big Mac grunted and groaned the deeper he sank into his princess, figuring she was almost as tight as Luna was, then he felt his thighs touch her hips and eauestria head giantess flash game her cervix.

He looked down at the trembling solar princess, and was rather astonished; she had managed to hilt him, though equeestria barely.

equestria girl celestia

Celestia gave pause to what Big Mac told her. She looked back over her shoulder, that same smirk growing at the edge of her mouth, as her eyes half-lidded to give him a more sultry look. She giggles a bit, then reaches back and pets the back of his neck. Big Mac gave celestia equestria girl a smug grin as he licked the back of her ear. With that, he gripped her hips more and slowly pulled out celestia equestria girl Celestia until only he left only an inch or two inside her, then slammed into her, grunting loudly as he bottomed out.

girl celestia equestria

She let out a squeal of delight, her entire body shuddering from the force alone, then celestia equestria girl out drawn out moan as celsetia left her, feeling empty, then filling her again and rutting her into bliss. After several slow pumps Big Mac felt it was time he finally give what his princess wanted, and began celestia equestria girl thrust faster and harder into her love tunnel, making Ross lynch naked nearly scream in ecstasy in his change of pace.

She gripped at the edge of the bath as she tried to steady herself, with Big Mac lurching johannsen nude forward with each of his powerful thrusts, and began to feel her legs grow weak from every wave of pleasure that washed over her as he mated with her.

Lucky Dazzle

Big Mac gave her another smug grin before he leaned in and scooped her up by her swinging tits, then groped them as she arched her back. Celestia yelped in surprise, but quickly settled as she moaned happily and gripped at celestia equestria girl arms.

equestria girl celestia

Celestia threw her head back and moaned loudly, her cheeks growing even more red. He lowered her back down to have celestia equestria girl rest on her hands at the edge of the bath again as he groped and kneaded her breasts and resumed to rut her senseless, Celestia squealing in delight with every graze of gloryhole in miami flared head against her cervix.

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Big Mac then began to pick up speed after an untold amount of time, grunting and flaring his nostrils loudly as he felt his third orgasm begin to build and boil in his balls and the base of his cock.

Celestia's legs were starting to shake as her strength began to waver, but she was doing all she top 10 anime sex scenes to just stand as she felt celestia equestria girl orgasm begin to build right alongside with Big Mac's.

She didn't want to cum just celestia equestria girl, she wanted to last just a bit longer, to feel him continue to rut her into the ground like the sex-starved mare she was, but dammit he just had to be so good!

girl celestia equestria

She fell to celestia equestria girl giro as her arms gave way, and looked back to Big Mac as she reached back and placed a shaking hand over his.

P-Please tell me you're about to cum too! You don't have dbz girls porn hold yourself back for my sake!

girl celestia equestria

Big Mac groaned as he leaned in and rested his head on her shoulder celetsia he began to give shorter, more powerful thrusts into Celestia, she giving a squeal of delight with each thrust he made, taking the hand she placed on him into his.

He was picking up more speed, and Celestia's entire body trembled equdstria anticipation for his release, her core celestia equestria girl to be filled and ruined and equesstria body burning up as though it would catch fire.

What she saw was a mix two things in the sweating stallion's face, one playing with a pussy being a smug look on his face and the other part a playful look in celestia equestria girl eyes.

The star rating reflects overall quality and learning potential. Learn how we rate. For Your Family Log in Sign me up.

equestria girl celestia

Is it ok for kids to read books outside their reading levels? Column 4 Our celestia equestria girl report: How Tech is Changing Childhood. Ponies turn into teens in cute but highly commercial 'toon. NR 72 minutes. Sign in or join to save for later. Popular with kids Parents recommend. Based on 11 reviews. Celestia equestria girl on 28 reviews.

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The only p Dream Girl The girl you've been waiting for is finally here!

girl celestia equestria

Slowly strip her down Window Girl This poor girl got stuck half way through her window. In it, you will g Cosplay Girl Cosplay Girl is a rather straightforward porn game games like hot candy land which you will get to nail Kick-Ass Girl When we last saw junior assassin Hit Girl and young vigilante Kick-Ass, they wer Megaman's Girl Megaman needs a brake from fighting celestia equestria girl, and his girlfriend is there to ple Excited Aiko Aiko is excited to receive a hard pounding deep in her pussy.

However, a vengeful teen named Juniper Montage finds a magic hand mirror that can trap people within itself and sets out to even the score with Sunset and her friends. celestia equestria girl

girl celestia equestria

Sunset Shimmer discovers that she's been erased from the memories celestia equestria girl her friends, and has to find the magic and the culprit behind who would do such a thing. Adapted into the novel A Friendship to Remember before the special's release. Takes place during season 1 of the Digital Series.

girl celestia equestria

Rarity gets celestia equestria girl job as the lead costume designer for Equestrialand, only to find that the leader of PR for the park, Vignette Valencia, is more than she appears to be. Toyline and Related Merchandises.

Ponies turn into teens in cute but highly commercial 'toon. Read Common Sense Media's My Little Pony: Equestria Girls review, age rating, and parents guide.

The tie-in toyline for the school-themed Equestria Girls movie. Zelda sex games tie-in toyline for the rock band-themed Rainbow Rocks movie. The tie-in toyline for the sports-themed Friendship Games movie. The tie-in toyline for the camp-themed Legend of Everfree movie. A series of mini figurines featuring chibi-fied celestia equestria girl of Equestria Girls characters.

A series of eight celestiw shorts that are preludes for Rainbow Rocksreleased before the movie, followed by three more music video shorts, released after as "Rainbow Rocks Encore". A series of five self-contained shorts that are preludes for Friendship Games. A short series airing on Discovery Family throughout the summer of The novelization of the first film.

While it follows the basic story beats and plot, celestia equestria girl otherwise has major differences. He's provisional landlord of a student's hostel.

XVIDEOS SDT Princess Celestia free. Princess Celestia and Luna X Princess cadance and Pinkie pie Orgy time-MLP. 1 min 31 secToolaj10 - k views -.

However, this is no celestia equestria girl student's hostel. His roommates are all sexy anthros anthropomorphic beings girls. Login Register Your Comment: The one and only, Nameless I think the DA for the pony girls should have been female then there would have been some great Yuri action.

Description:Feb 19, - Watch EQUESTRIA GIRLS MINI SERIES SEASON 1 EP 2 (School OF Rock) by Hawkprock on Dailymotion here.

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